18th May 2021 - Tower Top Marketing Media

Why in-house telemarketing often fails

In-house telemarketing often fails where outsourced telemarketing succeeds.

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Outsourcing Helps

Companies are increasingly using external partners to do the things they can’t do in-house. In the past five or so years the list of outsourceable functions has grown to include things like payroll, HR, and telemarketing.

Where telemarketing is unique, however, is that where software and market innovation has enabled certain functions to be performed by non-specialists, telemarketing has got even harder, because no innovation will make a one to one human interaction easier.


The rationale behind keeping it in-house is regularly cost-based, surely it’s cheaper to achieve successful interactions with potential clients by using the team that sits within your own four walls. This should be true, but when you join the dots on the day to day reality for most companies, they have the people, they have the desks and the phones, they have direct access to the data, but bringing all that together is oh so much harder than it sounds.

Where outsourced telemarketing teams are dialling and smiling all day long, in-house teams find the pressure of making dial after dial too prohibitive, so the number of decision makers they reach across the day is very low. This in turn makes the true cost per unit very high.


Another reason some companies resist outsourced telemarketing is they believe briefing and training an internal team is easier than an outsourced one. Again, that’s a reasonable assumption.

The methodology we use is tested year after year, so it’s robust and reliable. Our calls are award-winning and have quality systems behind them. So it’s absolutely possible for a best in breed agency to take a brief that delivers your brand impressively dial after dial.

Product knowledge

There’s also a perception that an internal team will know your company’s products and services better than any outside company could ever do. And in a way that’s true. However, you need more than product knowledge to make telemarketing work. The messaging should be stripped down on a telemarketing call, so you communicate only the important business benefits.

Outsourced telemarketing specialists are used to guiding conversations to the key benefits on offer, so a prospective client can engage with their open questions more effectively. If there is one key attribute that makes a call successful, it’s not product knowledge, it’s the ability to confidently and sensitively draw a buyer into a conversation about their business needs. Sadly, it’s not unusual for someone who’s bursting with product knowledge to make the dullest calls, usually because they’re more motivated to speak than listen.

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